Theraphosa apophysis

Опубликовано: 21.01.2018

видео theraphosa apophysis

Scolopendra Gigantea And Theraphosa Apophysis Feeding Mouse Fluffs generally resembles Theraphosa blondi, and reaches a similar size. [2] Young T.  apophysis spiders have pink shading at the end of each leg, which fades with each moult. [3] T.  apophysis has an additional stridulating organ on the coxa of the second leg and thinner femora than T.  blondi. The male T.  apophysis has tibial apophyses (projections) – hence the species name. [2] The ground colour of both sexes is coffee brown; the legs and opisthosoma have long scattered orange-brown hairs, with long orange hair on the femora. Mature males have a metallic sheen, described as "wine red" in colour, on the cephalothorax, the dorsal surface of the chelicerae, the pedipalps, and the coxa, trochanter and femur of the legs, as well as the patella of the first leg.

The female specimen on which the species was described had a total body length of 87 mm (3. 4 in), with the longest leg (the fourth) being 96 mm (3. 8 in) long. The male had a somewhat smaller body, with a total length of 80 mm (3. 1 in), and slightly longer legs, the fourth being just under 100 mm (3. 9 in) long. [4]

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